Streams in The Desert

Psalm 71:20
God makes you “see troubles” [Psalm 71:20, emphasis added]. Sometimes, as part of your education being carried out, you must “go down to the depths of the earth” (Psalm 63:9), travel subterranean passages and lie buried among the dead. But not for even one moment is the bond of fellowship and oneness between God and you strained to the point of breaking. And ultimately, from the depths, He “will restore [your] life again”[Psalm 71:20].

Never doubt God! Never say that he has forsaken or forgotten you or think that he is unsympathetic. He “will restore [your] life again.” No matter how many twists and turns the road may have, there is always one smooth, straight portion. Even the longest day has a sunset, and the winter snow may stay quite some time, but it will finally melt.

Be steadfast, “because you know that your labor in the Lord is not in vain” (1 Corinthians 15:58). He will turn to you again and comfort you. And when he does, your heart that has forgotten how to sing will break forth in thankful and jubilant song, just like the psalmist who sang, “My tongue will sing of your righteousness” (Psalm 51:14).

~ Selected~

Though the rain may fall and the wind be blowing,

And chilled and cold is the wintry blast;

Though the cloudy sky is still cloudier growing,

And the dead leaves tell that the summer has passed;

My face is fixed on the stormy heaven,

My heart is as calm as the summer sea,

Glad to receive what my God has given,

Whate’er it be.

When I feel the cold, I can say, “He sends it,”

And his winds blow blessing, I surely know;

For I’ve never a need but that he will meet it;

And my heart beats warm, though the winds may blow.

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