Morning Devotional 

Show and tell. That is what the believers did. They told people what God was doing for them. They praised God for the goodness in their lives. They showed everyone around them.
Do I show God’s goodness? Do I tell everyone who will listen? Do I see God’s hands at work or only mine? Do I say, “Look what I did,” or “Look what God did”? And are people being added to the community because I show and tell of God’s goodness?

When I think of “show and tell,” I think of cutting stories out of the newspaper to tell my classmates about in school. It was scary to stand in front of a classroom full of people. It can be scary to tell a new friend or even an old one what God is doing in my life. What if I don’t say it correctly? What if I seem silly or stupid?

But if God is showing goodness to me, how can I help but proclaim it?

~ Deborah Guy ~

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