Morning Devotional


When they arrived, they went upstairs to the room … They all joined together constantly in prayer.

[Acts 1:13-14]

A man appears alive to many after his execution, then disappears into the clouds before a group of his closest friends.

Could you keep quiet if you had been part of that group of privileged observers?

Jesus’ disciples did keep quiet until the proper time to unleash the Good News. Jesus told them to wait for the Holy Spirit before beginning the missionary enterprise he had committed to them.

Matthew Henry describes how they prayerfully obeyed.


“It was now a time of trouble and danger with the disciples of Christ; they were as sheep in the middle of wolves. They had new work, and before they entered into it, they were continuously in prayer to God for his presence with them in it.

“They are in the best frame to receive spiritual blessings who are in a praying frame.

“Christ had promised shortly to send the Holy Spirit—a promise intended not to supersede prayer, but to quicken and encourage it. God will be enquired of for promised mercies, and the nearer the promise seems to be, the more earnestly we should pray for it.

“The disciples did this with one accord. This intimates that they were together in holy love, and that there was no quarrel or discord among them. Those who so keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace are best prepared to receive the comforts of the Holy Ghost.”


For the disciples, hastily beginning the work of the gospel—apart from the Holy Spirit—might have caused more harm than good. Instead, they prayed and waited for God’s timetable to take effect.

Walking with God, rather than running ahead of him. That’s still the best way to “work” the will of God in your life today.

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