Morning Devotional


I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.

[John 14:6]

Christianity claims to offer the only way of salvation, to the exclusion of others. There are not any number of doors into heaven.

Nor are there any alternate routes into the family of God. Not if you take Jesus at his word (see John 14).

And that excludes many who are sincere—but sincerely wrong, as J. C. Ryle explains.


“It avails nothing that a man is clever, learned, highly gifted, amiable, charitable, kindhearted, and zealous about some sort of religion.

“All this will not save his soul if he does not draw near to God by Christ’s atonement and make use of God’s own Son as his Mediator and Savior.

“God is so holy that all men are guilty and debtors in his sight. Sin is so sinful that no mortal man can make satisfaction for it. There must be a mediator, a ransom-payer, a redeemer, between us and God, or else we never can be saved.

“There is only one door, one bridge, one ladder, between earth and heaven: the crucified Son of God. Whosoever will enter in by that door may be saved; but to him who refuses, the Bible holds out no hope at all. Earnestness will never take one to heaven.”


The Jews thought they could attain salvation by keeping the law. Many others, before and since, have worked out their own procedures to gain salvation. But procedures don’t save. Only one person does.

Jesus is the only way to God. Any other imagined approach can only lead to a dead end—literally.

Someone near you needs to know that—someone who has tried many of those dead-end streets.

You won’t always be popular for pointing the way. But then, if one person finds the path of life because you cared enough to show it, will it really matter what others say?

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