Morning Devotional


Unless a kernel of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains only a single seed. But if it dies, it produces many seeds.

[John 12:24]

Take one barren field, bury a handful of seed, add a little water and the care of the farmer, and what do you have?

At first, you still have only a barren field.

But after a few months, the field will produce an abundant harvest.

In John 12 we read how Jesus used the simple illustration of a dying seed to explain to his followers the reason behind his death.

And A. B. Bruce provides this timely explanation of the “law of increase”—a law that Jesus’ death portrays.


“Jesus’ purpose is to make it clear to his disciples that death and increase may go together.

“Such is true in the case of grain; and the law of increase is equally true in his own case.

“He might have explained it this way: ‘A grain of wheat, by dying, becomes fruitful; so I must die in order to become, on a large scale, an object of faith and source of life.’

“ ‘During my lifetime I have had little visible success. Few have believed, many have disbelieved; and they are about to crown their unbelief by putting me to death.’

“ ‘But my death, far from being—as they fancy—my defeat and destruction, will be but the beginning of my glorification.’ “


The good news of the gospel began with the bad news of a tragic, unjust execution. It began with death.

A grain of wheat—dead and buried, lifeless, fruitless … or so it would seem.

But three days later, all that changed.

From death sprang eternal life. The seemingly fruitless became the firstfruits of a mighty harvest that is still bearing fruit today.

Thank God right now for the harvest the death of his Son has accomplished in your life.

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