Eternal Perspectives

I thought, if heaven’s a city I’m not so sure I want to spend forever there.

The next morning changed my perspective. I pulled back the drapes of my seventeenth floor Buckhead hotel room and gazed out of the huge bay window at a cloudless blue sky above a rolling carpet of dark green. I never realized Atlanta had so many trees. Away to the south, in the center of my vision, a bright and beautiful city hovered between tree and sky. Its tall buildings shimmered, white and spotless in the early morning sunlight.

Then it hit me. What if this city really was spotlessly clean? What if it was a city where there was no fear of getting mugged, ripped off, or blown apart, a city where you could never be lost or even ignored? Imagine a city where everyone was kind and helpful, happy, honest, morally pure, and a relative!

~ Larry Dick ~

[A Taste of Heaven]

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