Nowhere to Hide

With Jesus, there’s nowhere to hide. Sounds an awful lot like a tagline to a scary movie, doesn’t it? However, Jesus is not a monster lurking in the closet in this scenario. On the contrary, Jesus is the only one who can make your life whole again.

Even so, many of us hide from Jesus, either because we’re embarrassed by our mistakes or unwilling to give up what destroys us. We’d rather wander in the darkness than deal with our sinfulness before God. However, Paul urges us in this passage to stop this foolish wandering and allow Jesus to do what only Jesus can do — make you whole again. “Wake up, sleeper! Get up from the dead, and Christ will shine on you.”

Perhaps darkness exists in your life. Jesus wants to shine his light on you, not to embarrass or scold you but to turn your darkness into light. While being honest with Jesus might feel scary, there is nothing to be scared about. Only light is in store for you.

~ Matt Andrews ~

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