Thirsts For Relationships

God thirsts to be in a relationship with all of creation. Likewise, creation thirsts to be in relationship with its creator. Today, we worship and praise God because God creates and quenches this thirst.

As Psalm 95 states, God is the rock of our salvation. God is the one who saves us and gives the water of eternal life. God is the one who ensures that we are forever reconciled back to God and to one another through Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection. In Christ, God demonstrates great love and care for us. Christ shows that God will stop at nothing to ensure we always stay in relationship.

As people of God’s pasture, we walk with the shepherd, speaking truth to everyone we encounter. We share the source of our true thirst with those who know they are thirsty but trying to quench their thirst in the wrong ways. May God’s living water flow to us and through us to others — for as the psalmist says, “He is our God, and we are the people of his pasture.”

~ Kellie Wilson ~

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