God is Our Closest Friend

I’m an ordinary person. Sometimes I’m selfish and unkind. Sometimes I want to put myself first. When I work, I want to succeed, and my entire focus will be on my work at that time. I don’t always want to give. My heart isn’t always pure. I’m an ordinary person. And my heart is ordinary.

God isn’t disappointed in me, because of this. God looks at me fondly. He looks at me with love and kindness. He isn’t disappointed in me, wishing my heart were purer, wishing I was kinder and more selfless. God loves and accepts me as I am.

I’ve lately thought of God as a best friend, not just a loving parent. If you imagine a best friend, they sympathize with what you’re going through. They won’t say: “You should be more selfless. You should think about that differently. You’re not good enough.”

If your best friend spoke to you that way, you wouldn’t want to be around them anymore, because they wouldn’t be offering love and support. God isn’t like this. He sits with us, and, like a true friend, completely understands our heart and soul. He understands when we’re hurt and frustrated. He understands our desire to be selfish sometimes. He understands, and doesn’t judge us.

God loves us, completely. When we realize God is completely loving, accepting and kind — when we realize he loves us, as we are — we feel so much closer to him. When we feel closer to him, we naturally want to do things to make him happy. Becoming a kinder, more giving person doesn’t come from guilt, or being told we should be different. Becoming kinder comes from our heart. Comes from our heart, when it’s filled with love. God’s love.

Don’t ever feel God’s standing over you, wishing you would become more selfless and behave differently. God loves and accepts you as you are. He sees everything we’re going through — every single detail — and is completely understanding and sympathetic. Even if we’re going through dark things. Even if we’ve done dark things. God will never walk away from us. He never would, and never will.

God loves us, as we are. He understands. He forgives every bad thing we’ve ever done. He’ll never leave us. He loves us.

~ Mona Hanna ~

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