God Is Only About Love

Imagine if God stood by our side when we worked, and was pleased with how we coped with things. Instead of wishing we would pay more attention to him. Instead of frowning upon us for not focusing on him all the time.
He is pleased with us. He does stand by our side.

Imagine if God didn’t stand back from us, thinking we’re not pure enough of heart, telling us our intentions aren’t good enough. Telling us we should be good and kind and wholesome at all times.

God isn’t like that. He accepts us as we are.

And what if God thought well of us, and was pleased with us when we worked hard? If he was proud of what we did for a living, even if it had nothing to do with him? Was pleased if we worked well, even if we didn’t save people?

God is proud when we work hard. We don’t have to evangelize for him all the time. We can just be ourselves.

God is completely good. Completely kind. He loves us without judgment.
He thinks the best of us, like a loving best friend. He always sees our good side, and nurtures and reassures us.

He doesn’t have expectations, judgments, structures, rules. All he wants to do is love and help us. Love and help us.

God is only about love. He’s completely good and perfect. There’s nothing about God that’s judgmental or unkind. Nothing that’s disapproving or harsh.

God is only about love. We tell ourselves otherwise. We’re told otherwise, and believe otherwise. But if we try to believe the truth — try to find the truth — we’d discover a God who’s completely loving and kind, and only has our best interests at heart. He isn’t mad at us. He isn’t upset with us. He doesn’t think badly of us.

God is only about love. It needs to be said, over and over, until we can’t imagine otherwise.

~ Mona Hanna ~

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