God Eases The Pressure We Feel

I’m going through my day, trying to complete my tasks and feeling a great deal of pressure. I’m trying to be responsible and ethical and hard working, and am very concerned about doing things properly.

Then I feel for a moment what God is like. God doesn’t place this pressure on me. He wants me to be calm and to relax. He wishes to bear my burdens. I don’t have to worry about doing things perfectly to succeed — whether I succeed or not is based on God’s strength, and his wishes and desires. God looks at me with such love, and tells me to calm down and not to worry. I’m not on my own, with my problems and my situation. I’m with God.

Even if I’m overwhelmed with a dark situation, and feel as if I’m doing the wrong thing — God doesn’t reject me because of this. He’s still with me, with me in the situation, and offering his love just as much as if nothing were wrong. He loves us. His love isn’t conditional on us doing the right thing. His love is eternal and bound to us.

We can breathe easier. We don’t need to be stressed. God has us. He’ll protect us. He’ll manage all our situations. He’ll control what will happen. If we ask for forgiveness, God wipes our slate clean. He loves us so strongly. He has us, and will control our lives.

~ Mona Hanna ~

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