Daily Wisdom

Guide me into your truth and teach me. For you are the God who delivers me; on you I rely all day long.
Ps 25:5 NET

What wonderful things does God sometimes show us in his word! How our eyes sometimes seem to be anointed with eye-salve “to behold wondrous things out of God’s law!” (Psalm 119:18.) Sometimes in reading a chapter we see such beauty, such fullness, such sweetness, such glory in it, that it seems, as it were, to fill our very hearts. And what our souls need (I am sure my soul needs it, and it is my frequent cry to the Lord in secret that I may feel it) is to have this blessed truth taken out of the word of God, and applied to and sealed upon our hearts by the Spirit of God.

I need no ‘new revelation’. Day by day I seem more satisfied of this, and more established in it—that all saving truth is in the word of God. I seek no visions, I desire no dreams, I want no airy speculations; but when my heart is brought to lie at the footstool of mercy, this seems to be the panting and breathing of my soul—to know experimentally and spiritually the blessed truths that my eyes see in the word of God, to have them opened up to my understanding, brought into my heart, grafted into my soul, applied to my conscience, and revealed with such supernatural and heavenly power that the truth as it is in Jesus may be in me a solemn and saving reality, that it may bring with it such a divine blessing as to fill me with grace, enlarge my heart into the enjoyment of the gospel, gird up my loins with spiritual strength, give and increase faith, communicate and encourage hope, shed abroad and draw forth love, and fill me with joy and peace in believing.

God Is Only About Love

When I’m reading about God, I often become very sad and upset. While there’s some good information out there, a lot of the time Christians write about God with an air of what we “should” do; the things we ought to do, the way we ought to think, the ways we’re failing God.

The attitude seems to be that God loves us, but we must turn away from how we live our lives — give up who we are, and everything we know. We must be completely different, always being vigilant, constantly remembering God and his words, or we’ll turn away from him. We have to wash ourselves clean of who we are, or we’ll get lost in a sinful life.

It’s heartbreaking that this seems to be the attitude often projected onto Christians and non Christians alike, to represent our relationship with God. It’s not true. None of it.

Jesus is completely loving. You could spend a thousand years dwelling on his love, and still not comprehend the majesty of it all. He loves us, more than the most loving, kind, accepting person ever could. More. He accepts us at all times. When we do the wrong thing. When we feel ashamed of ourselves. When we’ve acted out in pain and frustration. He’s the kind voice in our heart, telling us he understands why we did what we did, and holding us in his arms.

He’s with us if we hate him. If we’re mad at him. If we blame him for how hard our lives are. He’s with us every moment, comforting us and telling us we’re alright. Even if it takes years to hear him, he’s there. He’s always been there. He’ll always be there.

We don’t need to change our lives so Jesus can accept us. Jesus accepts us, so we can change our lives. If we need to. He’ll always love and accept us. He bore our sins on the cross, not because he thinks we’re awful, but so we can be accepted by God, without ever being punished for our faults and our mistakes. It’s all about love.

So don’t listen when people say you’re not good enough as you are, and need to turn your life upside down to be with God. God’s already turned the world upside down, to be with you. He’s all about love, and that’s the only message you need to know about him. Spend your time being immersed in words of his love, as a true knowledge of God’s love is all you’ll ever need to stay with him. Not giving up your life, or forcing yourself to behave a certain way. Be you. Feel how you feel. Tell God how you feel. Tell God everything. He knows already. And he’s waiting for you.

~ Mona Hanna ~

Daily Light


But whoever obeys his word, truly in this person the love of God has been perfected.
1 John 2:5 NET

Now may the God of peace who by the blood of the eternal covenant brought back from the dead the great shepherd of the sheep, our Lord Jesus Christ, equip you with every good thing to do his will, working in us what is pleasing before him through Jesus Christ, to whom be glory forever. Amen.

Now by this we know that we have come to know God: if we keep his commandments.—“If anyone loves me, he will obey my word, and my Father will love him, and we will come to him and take up residence with him.”—Everyone who resides in him does not sin; everyone who sins has neither seen him nor known him. Little children, let no one deceive you: The one who practices righteousness is righteous, just as Jesus is righteous.—By this love is perfected with us, so that we may have confidence in the day of judgment, because just as Jesus is, so also are we in this world.

Heb 13:20-21, 1 John 2:3, John 14:23, 1 John 3:6-7, 1 John 4:17